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These are the number of children who have been given beds

thanks to your donations!

 2017:                221

2016:                217

2015:                216

2014:                279

2013:                285

2012:                316

2011:                301

2010:                333

2009:                359

2007- 2008:    472

2001- 2006:     487

These numbers include twins, bunks, pack-n-plays and a few toddler beds. 

We only offer toddler beds when these are donated to us



Cribs - $119

Crib Mattress - $33

Pack and Play, sheet, pacifier, safe sleep literature, swaddling blanket - $80

Complete Twin Set - $194

Heavy Duty Twin (For larger children, not often needed.) - $280

Bunk Bed - $365


All beds come with a set of sheets, a pillow, a blanket, a mattress pad, a stuffed animal, and a children's book.


We have decided to stop purchasing cribs and have switched to pack and plays as many families move quite often. Cribs are harder to move and many were being left in homes or apartments. The switch has gone well.


Thank you to everyone supporting this program throughout the year. Without your assistance many children would still be sleeping on the floor or on a couch.  A good nights sleep not only makes a child awake fresh, it helps them do better in school, and they grow up healthier.